Falco de la Reina Responsible and Ecotourism friendly.

The current situation of COVID-19, is taking everyone to do a deep reflection of how has to be, from now and on, the relationship in between the people and the global environment. Until now, the production and consumption model has been linked to a climate crisis and the lost of biodiversity. Due to these factors, the ecological transition in the tourism industry needs to be a constant reality linked to the personal commitment of everyone. WTO

The Balearic Islands are famous worldwide, not just for being the European paradise, also for being a touristic destination focused on mass tourism at the highest level. In 2019, 16.45 million of tourists visited us, with all the impact that this represents to the environment. There is an increase of the local voices that we don’t agree with policies that support as many tourists as possible, therefore we want to contribute with our grain of sand in order to leave to our children and grandchildren a more sustainable islands, in the widest sense of the word.

We say yes to tourism, but we bet for a more respectful model of tourism with the local people and the environment. Our compromise is based on the conservation of the natural territory of Serra de Tramuntanta, through its preservation and promotion.

For this reason we evaluate the chance, in every activity we do, to improve the environmental practices and keep on updating them,  according to our possibilities, in order to minimize the impact caused on nature.

Mainly we work with small groups: individual activities, couples, families or small groups of friends.

We refuse the use of plastics, especially if they are single use due to the huge damage that it causes to the environment, and we replace them with fabric bags or bottles of aluminum or glass.

In our KM0 Gourmet Picnics, the food is always top quality, and what it is more important is that it all comes from the island of Mallorca.

In Viatges Falcó de la Reina we have an internal code of ethics, which is based mainly on the principles and values of the company and applies to everyone that is part of.

The principles that govern this code are transparency, excellence and business commitment to the tourism industry, and the environment. The values are based on the personal commitment of each member of the team, their responsibility, honesty and respect to the agency and its customers

During their holidays in Mallorca, we reccommend to our guests to follow an ethic code, with a couple of good practices so you can leave a positive impact on the island. These messages are such simple as the correct use of the water and energy, pay special attention to the small waste generated, the purchase of local products and the respect to the locals and their traditions. This few rules can contribute to enjoy a fabulous holidays consistent with the nature and to strenghthen the values of the tourist.

For all these reasons, Viatges Falcó de la Reina, opens its “green door” to the Serra de Tramuntana, a magnificent natural environment, with the three pillars that sustain our business:


Responsible tourism